6 Keys to Optimizing Problem Management

A question came up in an HDI Connect discussion forum I monitor re problem management, and how to drive adoption and success of the process:

I am looking at driving a problem management improvement effort and want to do so by focusing on two to three small goals that will have the biggest impact. We have a well-defined problem management process in place; adoption seems to be the biggest challenge. In particular, we need to do a better job of creating problems when the incident demand requires us to do so.

The goals I am looking to focus on should be measurable over time. One thing that comes to mind is the ratio of incidents to problems. Not to get to wordy, but I think this one has some pitfalls that scare me a bit.

Any other ideas? Any thoughts on how to get tech/process owners to open a problem rather than focusing on incident?

—Michael M.

I responded with a list of 6 key steps to optimizing the problem management process.  The reply was also recently published in Support World, by HDI.  Here is the link for your viewing pleasure:



Paul M. Dooley
Optimal Connections, LLC

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