Roadmap for Cyber-Security Improvement

Just wanted to share an excellent presentation by Randy Steinberg on “Unguarded! A Roadmap for Cyber-Security Improvement”.  I attended this BrightTalk session last week, and Randy provides some valuable insights into improved planning for cyber-security.  I recommend you listen in when you have about a hours, and put some of his recommendations to work!

Here is a summary of the key points in the presentation:

  • Much of what IT used to support, build and deliver on premises is moving up into the Cloud:  The IT infrastructure management landscape is rapidly changing. . IT services are moving up and out of the data center and access to these services is moving beyond the four walls of the business.
  • Internet of Things is moving ahead, presenting new challenges for service, support and especially security: New technologies and devices are spreading and stretching when and where IT services can be used (e.g. Internet of Things).
  • While the shift towards more agile and flexible delivery channels for IT services is creating new business opportunities, it is also creating new business challenges for securing the IT infrastructure and delivering those services safely.

How are IT organizations meeting this challenge? What strategies are organizations employing? What technologies, processes and organization changes are taking place to keep the business safe? Learn some answers to these questions and leave with ideas and a road map to secure your own IT Infrastructure.

Link to full presentation:

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