New DevOps Awareness class added

DevOPs Awareness Course Launches

We have taught “DevOps Fundamentals”, and “DevOps in an ITIL Environment”, and now for those of you who just need a brief 1 day introduction to DevOps, we are launching a new course offering this week: “DevOps Awareness”.

This 1 day course can be delivered online, led virtually by a live instructor; or it can be delivered onsite, at your facilities.  The Target Audience includes individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management, or individuals whose role is touched by DevOps and continuous delivery.

Here is a brief course description:

What is DevOps? Is it for the Development teams, the Operations teams, or both? How is learning about this emergine best-practice helpful for the IT professional? What are the opportunities or career path in the DevOps field? The DevOps Awareness course helps you know the answers of those questions. DevOps Awareness is a 1-day course that can be delivered onsite, or virtually over the web, and is designed to provide the basic education required to build your DevOps vocabulary and understand its principles and practices.

Check out the sample presentation used by our instructor: Sample DevOps Awareness Presentation

View the DevOps Awareness – Course Book – Sample

Pricing varies based on method of delivery. Sample pricing for an online or onsite class delivered for 12 students, including student books: $1,995, Onsite delivered will require travel expenses be reimbursed.

For more information visit

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