New Course: Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment

As you know, DevOps is a rapidly emerging set of best-practices in the realm of IT.  Born in the early 2000’s out of frustrations within Development and IT Operations functions, this movement is now gone global in scope, and for those organizations who have adopted it, it is producing fantastic results:

  • Close collaboration and teamwork between development and IT operations
  • Faster releases of software to customers and users, with no sacrifice in quality
  • Much improved IT responsiveness to the business and customers, enabling desired outcomes much quicker, and many times providing a competitive advantage
  • Lower costs of operation while delivering improved quality and stability
  • Continual improvement built into all life-cycle processes
  • Improved morale, retention, and staff performance

Optimal Connections is now delivering a new two day DevOps course introduced recently by Global Knowledge, entitled “Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment”. This course is intended to help clients with existing ITIL adoption that are also considering or are in early stages of adopting DevOps practices. Clients will understand the intersection of ITIL and DevOps and how to leverage both to realize their full value. Because many corporations have invested heavily in ITIL and their existing environments are based on the ITIL framework, this approach to DevOps utilizes ITIL principles.

What You’ll learn:

  • Define and interpret the DevOps approach practices
  • Define how DevOps practices and ITSM/ITIL processes complement each other
  • Identify and distinguish which ITIL processes are considered vital in a DevOps environment
  • Define new policy areas that apply for ITSM processes in DevOps environments
  • Illustrate how to measure processes in automated DevOps environments
  • Define, distinguish and plan for the necessary culture and DevOps team structures
  • Identify and define recommended steps of preparing for automation
  • Describe considerations of approach to business integration with ITSM/ITIL

The course is base on a real-life case study, composed of 9 modules over 2 days, and is very exercise oriented – giving students the knowledge, skills, as well as practical experience in solving issues presented in a case study.

To learn more about this course, visit our DevOps Training pageTo enroll in an upcoming virtual course slated to take place on Aug 9-10, please visit the Global Knowledge course schedule page and select the Aug 9-10 training dates.

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