“Making the Most of Your Metrics via an Effective Reporting Framework”

Join me for the BrightTalk Presentation:

“Make the Most of Your Metrics with an Effective Reporting Framework”

Date and Time:
May 17th, 10 AM PST
45 Min, plus Q&A

Paul M. Dooley – ITSM Instructor, Auditor and Consultant
HDI Faculty Member, ITIL Expert
Optimal Connections, LLC

There is a lot of guidance in the IT service management world about designing a proper Metrics and Measurements Framework; yet without a timely and effective Reporting Framework to sort this data, convert it to information, and present it in the right format at the right time to the people that need to know in order to make better decisions and take action, a metrics and measurements framework will be of little practical use.

In this presentation we will discuss why and how an effective Reporting Framework is essential in converting metrics into usable information that enables knowledge and improved decision-making. Additionally, we will consider:

  • Why reporting should operate at three levels – strategic, tactical and operational
  • The importance of having a Balanced approach
  • The key elements to focus your reporting around quality
  • Why subjective results are just as critical as objective measurements
  • How “visible reporting” can drive people performance at all stages of the life-cycle
  • Which processes rely heavily on an effective reporting framework
  • Common reporting pitfalls, and how to avoid them

We will conclude with the Critical Success Factors to designing and deploying a high performance ITSM Reporting Framework.

May 17, 2018 update: we had 129 attending the web cast, and a rating of 4/5 from the audience.  Here are a few comments:

Insightful, and detailed presentation on a relevant topic. Yours sincerely, Bulcsu Szekely

informative and a good guide to ensure metrics are optimally and appropriately seen and acted on.


In case you missed it, here is a link to the recorded presentation: view the presentation on demand at your convenience.


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