Agile, Mobility, and the Apps Economy: Driving a New APproach to ITSM

Agile, Mobile, and the New Apps Economy – Still a Need for ITSM?

Three related business changes are challenging IT service providers, and should cause us to rethink the way we plan, deploy, and deliver services to customers:

>> Mobile work: The transition from stationary to mobile work, which, in turn, is driving the increased adoption and

use of mobile platforms (smart phones, tablets, and laptops), in contrast to traditional desktop PCs.

>> Apps: This adoption of mobile devices in lieu of desktop PCs is driving the demand for smaller, more frequently updated apps, in contrast to traditional, larger footprint client-server-based applications.

>> Agile development: The increasing demand for mobile-based apps is driving the adoption of Agile development methods, to quickly provide smaller and more frequent releases of apps that add incremental functionality, boosting productivity for users and the business.

The transition to mobile platforms started several years ago in earnest and shows no sign of slowing down. According to an IDG Enterprise study, 83 percent of organizations are planning to invest in mobile technology in the next twelve months. Services are being increasingly deployed on a standard set of limited, well defined, and supported platforms. Typically, these include smartphones (Android, iPhones), tablets (iPads, Android), laptops (Mac, Windows), and other mobile devices.

Is ITSM relevant in this new apps economy? Absolutely.

Read the full article to see how:…/suppo…/2015/itsm-app-economy.aspx

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