Evaluating Support Structures: Tiered Support vs. the New “Swarming” Support Model

Part 1 of 2:

Today more than ever, businesses of all types are dependent on technology to reach their business outcomes, whether it’s a manufacturing company producing automobiles, a hospital caring for patients, or a restaurant serving food to a couple on their night out. Gone are the days when, if the technology had a problem, employees could fall back to a manual paper and pencil backup process. If the register stops, or the supply line to the production line stops, or the feed to our trading desk is interrupted, we have no recourse; we look to IT to respond, respond quickly, and address the issue.

Because businesses are so dependent on IT services, downtime is increasingly unacceptable. Businesses are increasingly raising the bar for IT when it comes to the availability of it services, and IT must respond with more robust, higher availability services. In addition, the demand for higher quality in the services provided is becoming apparent. Any defects or disruptions in IT services—whether that be a service that helps assemble a car or dishwasher, a website that helps market and sell a product, or a restaurant system that enables a chef to prepare a meal to order—will impact quality from the customer’s viewpoint.

At the same time, businesses are looking to provide their products/services to customers at a competitive price point, which means that supporting IT services must be delivered to the business at an acceptable cost.

Read the full article, part 1:  https://www.thinkhdi.com/library/supportworld/2017/evaluating-technical-support-models-tiered-support-vs-swarming-part-1.aspx

Continue on with Part 2: https://www.thinkhdi.com/library/supportworld/2017/evaluating-technical-support-models-tiered-support-vs-swarming-part-2.aspx

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