A New Operating Framework for Turbulent Times

An article I wrote on how the new ITIL 4 framework can empower an organization to better cope with and leverage turbulent times, such as the one we are in with the Coronavirus, was posted to ITpreneurs blog. The article begins with …

“Bill Gates predicted during a TED talk back in 2015 that the world would soon face a global crisis of enormous proportions. He warned that the biggest looming threat was not massive nuclear war, but rather a tiny virus — one we had not previously seen. He suggested that governments and organizations of all types should consider:

  • The impact of previous epidemics and pandemics, and how a new pandemic would visit havoc on the world population, economies, and people’s well being;
  • How we should plan and invest in medical corps that could partner with the military, and bring rapid medical help to areas affected;
  • How to invest in R&D to more rapidly develop treatments for a new virus never before seen.

Rather than relying on the traditional approach of slowly reacting to crises, we should behave differently. Organizations have to move more rapidly to a new operating model — one that assumes a dynamic, unpredictable, rapidly changing environment. That assumes rapid response and delivery is the norm, rather than the exception…”

You can read the full article at https://www.itpreneurs.com/blog/a-new-operating-framework-for-turbulent-times/

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