The Official ITIL 4 Foundation Book and App are Available!

ITIL 4 is rolling out, with ITIL 4 Foundation training underway!

As you know, the next evolution of the ITIL framework was launched on Feb 28th of this year, and is in full swing of rolling out.  Authorized training providers, including Optimal Connections, are beginning to offer and deliver ITIL 4 Foundation training.

Be sure to order the ITIL 4 Foundation publication

The new ITIL 4 Foundation book is also now available for ordering, which of course all of the training class materials are based on (as well as the certification exams).  You can order the book from the TSO office, or Amazon for example.  Click here for more information on how to order the new official ITIL 4 Foundation publication:

And don’t forget to get the ITIL 4 App for you iPhone or Android

The new official ITIL 4 App is now here, available for purchase from Google Play or the Apple iStore.  This new app is only $5.49 on Google Play, and is an Ideal guide for ITIL 4 from the Official Publisher!  Link for more info:



  • Learn on-the-go with a simple 3-step approach: study, practice and mock exams
  • Pre-course reading
  • You can practice for your exam in different ways on the app
  • Quick test by topic or a full mock exam


  • The app tracks your results by topic
  • Length of test and number of questions can be adjusted
  • You can review answers provided with explanations with this interactive learning tool


  • Case Study bringing ITIL 4 to life
  • Links to continue your ITIL Journey
  • Ability to reset scores
  • Full ITIL 4 glossary

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