Keys to an IT Best-practice Reporting Framework

There is a lot of detail in ITIL 2011 about designing the proper “Measurements Framework”, but without a timely and effective Reporting Framework to sort this data, convert it to information, and present it in the right format at the right time to the people that need to know in order to make better decisions, a measurements framework will be of little use.

Most business and organizations rely heavily on IT services.  They naturally want assurance that IT is meeting their needs and expected service levels.  Without a Reporting Framework that conveys this value, customers won’t appreciate the value of IT services being delivered.  Your reporting framework ensures regular delivery of quality, value-based reporting to customers and other stakeholders during regular “service review” meetings – so that IT can express the value to customers effectively, and also note any areas that are off target and being attended to.

In many ways an effective Reporting Framework becomes part of IT’s marketing capability.  Without a reporting framework that delivers regular reporting on performance and value delivery to all stakeholders – customers, IT teams, users, and senior management – customer’s won’t appreciate the value, internal teams won’t realize their contribution, and organizational management won’t see the value or recognize the return on investment from IT.

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