ITIL 4 Awareness Training

ITIL 4 Awareness Training

Certificate:  Certificate of Completion
Level:  Awareness
Domain: IT Service Management
Duration:  1 day
Language:  English (US)
Delivery:  Onsite or virtual – instructor led


ITIL 4 is the latest evolution of the ITIL framework of best-practices for IT. Build on the successful adoption of ITIL V3, ITIL 4 bring ITIL up to date by reshaping  much of the established ITIL practices in the wider context of customer experience, value streams, and digital transformation, as well as integrating aspects of Lean, Agile and DevOps.

In this 1 day ITIL 4 Awareness course you will receive a hi-level introduction to ITIL 4 and its key components: the Service Value System (SVS), and the Four Dimensions Model. You will gain an understanding of how the SVS describes all the components and activities of an organization, and how they work together as a system to facilitate value creation for stakeholders. You will also understand the key activities of the Service Value Chain (SVC), the heart of the Service Value System; and how these activities can be combined in various ways to form value streams for creating products and services that enable value realization.

You will also gain an understanding of the ITIL practices – the tools of IT service management that enable an organization to carry out its unique value streams. Practices like incident management, change enablement, and others. We will also cover the ITIL guiding principles, the continual improvement model. And how ITIL integrates well with other complementary practices such as Lean, Agile and DevOps.

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The ITIL® 4 Awareness eLearning Course targets the participants in the IT and business domains who wish to take first steps in service management or who are familiar with earlier versions of ITIL and/or other sources of industry best practice and wish to learn about ITIL 4.

This course and the related certification can be beneficial for the following roles:

  • IT Support Staff and Consultants
  • Business Managers and Business Process Owners
  • IT Developers
  • Service Providers
  • System Integrators
  • Anyone working in a DevOps team

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define ITIL 4 and its key components – the SVS, and the Four Dimensions
  • List and describe the key benefits of ITIL 4 to an organization
  • Discuss the purpose of the Service Value Chain (SVC), and its operation
  • Describe some of the key practices of ITIL 4
  • Discuss the importance of the Guiding Principles and Four Dimensions
  • Understand the ITIL 4 Certification Scheme


None, although a familiarity with IT service delivery will be beneficial.

Course Materials:

The ITIL ® 4 Awareness course includes the following course components for participants:

  • The ITIL 4 Introduction Course eBook
  • Quick Reference Sheets
  • Helpful handouts

Course Agenda

1 – Introduction

  • Key components of ITIL 4
  • Key concepts and principles

2 – The ITIL 4 Framework

  • The Service value System (SVS)
  • The Four Dimensions

3 – Other Key Elements of ITIL 4

  • The Guiding Principles
  • Continual Improvement
  • How ITIL Integrates with Other Best-practices

4 – The Service Value Chain

  • The core of the SVS: the SVC
  • Six Key activities of the SVC
  • Support for value streams

5 – The ITIL Practices

  • Overview of the Practices
  • Review of 18 foundational practices
  • The seven Core Practices

6 –  Summary

Exam Information

  • There is no exam associated with this course.

Course Delivery Requirements

  • For online virtual delivery, the student must have a suitably equipped laptop, or PC, with a web cam, audio support, and a high-speed internet connection
  • For onsite courses, acceptable facilities must be made available

Pricing and Ordering Information:

  • Product Code: ITIL 7090
  • Pricing is $749.00 USD per student, with a class size of 6 – 15 (exceptions require a special quote)
  • To request more information on pricing or to order, visit our web site, or contact us by calling 1-949-305-3544. Or, you mail email us to request a quote at

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