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DevOps – short for Development and Operations – is a movement within the IT industry that has been picking up momentum over the past few years. What has been driving this new set of best-practices?  Very simply the increasing pace of change – business change, and technology change. Add to that the increasing level of globalization, and the trend of business to “digital enterprises” – and you have the environment that has driven the need to DevOps.

What is DevOps?  Suffice it to say that the intent of this emerging set of best-practices is to enable an IT organization’s development teams and operational teams to work more closely together – breaking down barriers between these functions, and creating improved collaboration – so that the organization can respond more quickly to customer needs, and deliver new and improved IT services that enable the business to be increasingly successful in the marketplace.

Optimal Connections DevOps Training Courses

Optimal Connections Paul M. Dooley is our principal instructor for these courses.  He is an experienced ITIL Expert, who has had years of IT operations, training and consulting experience.  In addition, he is a DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) training partner, and DASA certified.

DevOps Awareness Training

What is DevOps? Is DevOps for the Development teams, the Operations teams, or both? How is learning about this emergine best-practice helpful for the IT professional? What are the opportunities or career path in the DevOps field? The DevOps Awareness course helps you know the answers of those questions. DevOps Awareness is a 1-day course that can be delivered onsite, or virtually over the web, and is designed to provide the basic education required to build your DevOps vocabulary and understand its principles and practices.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the drivers responsible for the emergence of DevOps.
  • Define and discuss the key concepts and principles of DevOps.
  • List and explain the business benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery.
  • Describe the Service Delivery process.
  • Explain the automation concepts for the software delivery process.
  • Describe how DevOps relates to Lean and Agile methodologies.

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DevOps and ITSM Training

This 1-day training provides you with the basic knowledge required for the effective utilization of ITSM skill sets in any DevOps organization. The training focuses on the essential knowledge of the two different worlds, ITSM and DevOps, and how they complement each other. It helps you know how the DevOps movement fits perfectly with ITSM. The various group discussions and the case study are the primary ingredients of this course that help you understand a DevOps movement in an organization.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Relate and complement DevOps and ITSM.
  • Describe DevOps.
  • Discuss the value of ITSM in a DevOps environment.
  • Explain how to utilize ITSM processes in DevOps teams

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Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment

This DevOps two-day course is intended to help clients with existing ITIL adoption that are also considering or are in early stages of adopting DevOps practices. Clients will understand the intersection of ITIL and DevOps and how to leverage both to realize their full value. Because many corporations have invested heavily in ITIL and their existing environments are based on the ITIL framework, this approach to DevOps utilizes ITIL principles.

Course Objectives:

  • Define and interpret the DevOps approach practices
  • Define how DevOps and ITSM complement each other
  • Identify and distinguish which ITIL processes are considered vital in a DevOps environment
  • Define new policy areas that apply for ITSM processes in DevOps environments
  • Illustrate how to measure processes in automated DevOps environments
  • Define and distinguish the necessary DevOps culture and team structures
  • Identify and define recommended steps of preparing for automation
  • Describe considerations of approach to business integration from transition

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DevOps Fundamentals Certification Training

The DevOps Fundamentals course provides an extensive introduction to the core Agile DevOps principles covering the essential knowledge and skill competences that have been defined by the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). This three day course is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary, understand its principles and practices, and acquire a fundamental understanding of DevOps.

Course Objectives:

Professionals will increase their value within the organization and on the IT market with this certificate. After successfully completing the course, they will have an understanding of DevOps and be able to:

  • Explain the cultural drivers responsible for the emergence of DevOps;
  • Define and discuss the key concepts, principles and practices of DevOps;
  • List and explain the business benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery;
  • DevOps organizational considerations including DevOps roles, teams and organizational structures;
  • Describe how DevOps relates to the Service Delivery process;
  • Explain the concepts of test automation, infrastructure automation, and build and deployment automation;
  • Describe how DevOps relates to ITIL, Lean and Agile methodologies;
  • List the most common and popular DevOps tools;
  • Discuss the critical success factors for DevOps implementation.

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Why Choose Us For DevOps Training and Certification?

Experience – Our instructors have years of hand-on IT practitioner experience, in both consulting and practitioner roles.  Our wide range and in-depth experience enables us to deliver a rich and rewarding learning experience that includes many real-world examples, allowing our ITIL Expert - Paul M. Dooleystudents to take away practical knowledge and skills they can put right to work.

Qualifications – Our instructors hold numerous IT certifications and graduate and post graduate degrees, and are active in industry associations – AXELOS, ITSMF, PeopleCERT, HDI and more.

Quality Results –  We are committed to delivering quality results, which is why we don’t offer a high volume of ITIL, DevOps or skill-based training courses. When you attend one of our IT training courses, you can be assured of getting the best in real-world service knowledge and skills.  And you’ll be prepared to pass the certification you’re aiming for!

DevOps Training and Certification
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