Adopting Devops in an ITIL Environment

Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment

Product Type: Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment Course
Level: Intermediate
Domain: DevOps
Duration: 2 day
Language: English (en-US)
Delivery Format: Onsite or Virtual


This DevOps course is intended to help clients with existing ITIL adoption that are also considering or are in early stages of adopting DevOps practices. Clients will understand the intersection of ITIL and DevOps and how to leverage both to realize their full value. Because many corporations have invested heavily in ITIL and their existing environments are based on the ITIL framework, this approach to DevOps utilizes ITIL principles.

Target Audience

Business and Technical roles:  These roles may be new to the defined DevOps practices but have previous exposure to the ITIL framework.

  • IT department leaders, IT Directors, IT Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, IT Service Managers, Service Transition Managers
  • Software and Code Developers and other technical roles associated with the DevOps practices
  • Any roles involved in IT projects managed or led via ITIL

Course Objectives:

  • Define and interpret the DevOps approach practices
  • Define how DevOps and ITSM complement each other
  • Identify and distinguish which ITIL processes are considered vital in a DevOps environment
  • Define new policy areas that apply for ITSM processes in DevOps environments
  • Illustrate how to measure processes in automated DevOps environments
  • Define and distinguish the necessary DevOps culture and team structures
  • Identify and define recommended steps of preparing for automation
  • Describe considerations of approach to business integration from transition


  • The two day Adopting DevOps course may be delivered on-site, or online virtually.
  • The course is taught by our principal consultant and instructor, Paul M. Dooley, who has a significant amount of experience having trained hundreds of IT professionals across the U.S. and overseas. Paul is an ITIL Expert, and certified in DevOps (by DASA).

Course Student Material

  • Includes Student Guide manual, Exercise Guide, Worksheets, Case Study, and a copy of “The DevOps Handbook”

Certificate Awarded

  • A certificate of completion will be awarded to each attendee completing the class

Pricing and Scheduling:

  • This course is available from Global Knowledge, and is subject to their course schedule (our instructor will be delivering the course on a sub-contract basis).
  • To view available courses which we are teaching, and to enroll, visit our course schedule. To visit all available course of this type, visit the Global Knowledge Course Schedule.
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