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"Paul was a very organized, knowledgeable, and easy to follow instructor.  He provided information and how it related to other sections in the course.  Very good at making sure you understood the material.  I would definitely take more courses from him."
Beverly - BAE Systems.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

"Paul is outstanding.  He was able to cover most if not all the critical materials in the lecture.  Along with the folks in the room, most if not all of us stayed alert because of his dynamic teaching style.  I've already made recommendations to my colleagues to take this course, specifically with Paul again."
Jean - Raytheon.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

"I have taken many professional development education courses over the course of my 20+ years in the Telecom business, and Paul Dooley is without a doubt, one of the very "best" trainers I have had.  He is absolutely top notch."
Carol - FTP Group.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

"Instructor kept our attention.  Very knowledgeable and energetic."  
Scott Riola, Superior Court of California, May 2008

"All topics were covered in depth.  Paul was a great instructor, very informative."  
Wendy Lopez, Mercury Insurance, May 2008

"Great Presentation!  Very valuable!" 
Lung Chieng, Mercury Insurance, Sept 2007

"Paul's tonality was perfect!  He is an awesome instructor who is very thorough.  Thank you for being in this business.  Your service is awesome."  
Jill H, El-Bizri, American Golf,  Feb 2008

"Friendly, knowledgeable, skilled!  Well done!  A lot of material covered quite well." 
Christian Olson
ITIL Foundations (V3), June 2008

"Paul did a great job - he has an easy to follow presentation style." 
Holly Magnuson - ITIL Foundations (V3), June 2008

"Optimal Connections' presentation was in-depth and shed light into what our members really think of the Irvine Chamber." 
Jacquie Ellis - Chief Executive Officer, Irvine Chamber of Commerce

"Paul did an excellent job!  Thank you.  I will recommend this class to any other help desk managers who may be interested." 
Larry Hall, American Honda.  Sept 2007

"Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the topics presented.  His tenure and work experience was beneficial to the group.  The atmosphere of the course was trusting because of Paul's facilitation style."  Ashley Reese, UCC Direct.  Help Desk Manager course, Feb 2006.













Speaker Presentations

Looking for a Dynamic, Knowledgeable Speaker for Your Next Event?

Interested in getting a knowledgeable, dynamic speaker for your next IT services or customer support event? Paul, our lead consultant, has years of experience in customer service and support delivery, systems implementation, management, training, and consulting.  He has trained literally hundreds of customer service and support personnel, from first line, to team leads, managers and directors. Conducted numerous IT and support center assessments and audits.  And helped many leading public and private organizations boost service and support effectiveness, efficiency, and performance.

In addition to writing published articles, Paul has also spoken at several industry events, including HDI and itSMF, at local HDI chapter meetings, at Industry Forums, and at other venues.  If you are looking for a knowledgeable, dynamic speaker for your upcoming event, look no further.  A range of topics are available for you to choose from.  Review Paul's profile, and check out the list of speaking topics listed below.  Let us know which one you are interested in for your speaking event, then take the next step - contact us!

To contact us to arrange for Paul to speak at your event, email service@optimalconnections.com or call +1 949-305-3544.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Sample Presentations

"Transforming Help Desk to Service Desk:  A Practical Approach"

Many organizations today are befuddled about the various terms applied to the support center:  help desk, service desk, support center, etc.  One thing most will agree on:  they don’t want to be known as “the helpless desk”.  The help desk of today is being called upon by IT, and the business, to step up to providing a wider scope of services, a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency, and to act as “the face of the organization” to the customer.  And of course many help desks want to make this move up to the level of respected, effective and well regarded “service desk” – but the question “how do I accomplish this?” remains.

This session will provide practical guidance on how to develop a successful plan for moving from a traditional Help Desk to an ITIL compliant Service Desk.  In the session we will cover:


The characteristics of a Help Desk, vs. an ITIL compliant Service Desk


The various types of Service Desk structures, and the pros & cons of each


The role of processes such as Incident Mgt, Problem Mgt, and Request Fulfillment


Current Service Desk automation tools, and best-practice methods for making the right selections


How to develop a project plan that will transition your help desk to a highly effective, integrated Service Desk


Pitfalls to avoid in transitioning your Help Desk to a new Service Desk operation

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of what differentiates a Help Desk from a Service Desk, the various elements that make up an effective and efficient Service Desk, and a practical phased plan for transitioning their Help Desk operation to a full-fledged Service Desk operation.  A sample project plan template will also be provided, so attendees can get right to work building their action plan when they return home!

"Creating an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Help Desk"

Many support centers today do not do a very effective job of marketing their value to key audiences – staff, management and customers.  As a result, budgets get cut, staff and tools are not available as they should be, and the support center is hard pressed to deliver the kind of quality support that is required.  Customer satisfaction levels suffer, and a poor reflection on the organization is the result.

A better approach:  like a business, the support center must market its value to all key stakeholders:  management, customers and end-users, and the support staff itself.  The old saying holds true:  “it doesn’t matter how good you are if no one hears about it”.  Support centers must provide for a marketing program that will enable it to market its value so that its audiences realize the value it is delivering.

This session focuses on:


How to do a SWOT analysis of your center, enabling you to develop a marketing strategy with clear goals & objectives


How to develop key messages that will help market your value effectively – vision & mission statements, tag line, service value propositions


How to build a continuous, multi-channel marketing plan that employs a variety of channels, on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual basis


How to deploy this integrated support marketing plan so you can “market your value” on a continuous basis, through a variety of channels, to all the critical audiences

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how to develop a quality support marketing program, and will also be equipped with a detailed “Support Marketing Plan” template that they can start building and deploying when they return to their support centers.

''Building a Web Self-Service Portal: Key to Success!"

The support center of the future will be focused on providing multi-channel support to customers, and a key channel in this support environment of tomorrow will be the ''self-service portal''. Why? Its all about operating the support center like a business, and businesses today are customer-centric and cost-focused. The web is a hugely effective tool used by business today to boost productivity, operate more effectively and efficiently, and to cut costs - so its a natural for the support center to adopt the web as a key part of its multi-channel support structure.

But where do you start? What are the best-practices? What are they keys to success in designing, developing, launching, and maintaining a web self-service portal? In this very practical presentation you will learn the best-practices and keys to success for designing, developing and rolling out your customer self-service portal:

bullet Why its critical your support center have a self-service portal
bullet A sample business case for presenting this to management
bullet Sample Return on Investment analysis for a typical support center
bullet The most popular applications for a self-service portal
bullet Pitfalls to avoid in planning and deploying your portal
bullet Key success factors to pay attention to in designing, developing and launching
bullet How to ensure on-going success and continuing ROI

Come hear this valuable presentation and learn the best practices for designing, developing and maintaining an effective customer self-service portal.   As an added bonus, you will take away a valuable “Self-Service Portal Checklist” that will help you in your planning and deployment efforts!

"Seven Steps to Exceptional Customer Service"

Interested in knowing the keys to delivering exceptional customer service?  What makes the difference between having satisfied customers, and customers who are so delighted with your service that they not only keep coming back, but refer numerous others?

This short, one hour inspiring session has been delivered to numerous customer service and support organizations around Southern California, from admin support teams, to help desk teams, to HDI chapter events.  It focuses on the "7 critical steps" to delivering truly exceptional service - the kind that separates your support center from the rest, and is a compliment to your entire organization.

Come and learn these 7 key steps  to a successful support encounter.  Put this practice into play in your support organization.  You'll walk away with a handy reference card for your support reps, and you'll start turning your merely "satisfied customers" into truly "delighted customers"! 

"Nuts and Bolts of Financial Tools for IT Management"

The emphasis today is on the support center being “run like a business”.   Serving the needs of the business, and customers.  To do this, IT must be financially responsible, making effective decisions about when and where to invest.  As IT managers, we are very often faced with the need to make effective decisions regarding planning an investment; as business managers, we are obliged to be effective stewards of the financial resources with which we are entrusted. 

The challenge is of course that being technologists, we often gravitate to the newest “coolest” technology – but that may not always be the best choice, from the standpoint of cost vs. benefit, return on investment, and total cost of ownership.  To be truly effective in our investment choices, we must consider our investment choices carefully and wisely.

This session will provide practical insight into valuable financial tools that managers need to carry out effective decision making:

bulletHow to do effective Cost-Benefit Analysis of proposed projects, or alternative investments
bulletHow to analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) of various alternatives
bulletHow to apply Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to determine the option providing the lowest total cost over the life of the investment

Real-life examples will be discussed, illustrating how to apply these financial tools together to aid in making quality investment decisions.  Sample templates will be provided, including a Cost-Benefit analysis template, an ROI calculator, and a TCO calculator.

Take the Next Step!

To contact us to arrange for Paul to speak at your event, email service@optimalconnections.com or call +1 949-305-3544.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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