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"Great Presentation!  Very valuable!"  Lung Chieng, Mercury Insurance, Sept 2007


"Paul did an excellent job!  Thank you.  I will recommend this class to any other help desk managers who may be interested."  Larry Hall, American Honda.  Sept 2007


"Thank you very much.  Many of the policies/procedures/KM practices are not implemented in my organization. I'm hoping to present to management for change and implementation.  Paul - you did a great job!"  Adriane Vasquez, City of Yuma. HDA Boot Camp, August 2005


"Great course and instructor.  Very valuable in preparing me for certification."  Steve Parr, HDA Boot Camp, May 2005


"I thought all
the topics were covered well.  The time spent on each was perfect.  I would definitely recommend the class to others."
Karen Flores
Help Desk Analyst class, Nov 2004


"It has been
a delight working with HDI and Optimal Connections. Paul Dooley, Optimal’s HDI certified Auditor, has been there every step of the way ... advising on needed improvements in the areas of communication, employee and customer satisfaction management, and metrics." 
Dan Pasquerilla
Programs Mgr
QAD Global Support


"We needed to thoroughly assess the satisfaction levels of our customers and business partners. Our objective: identify a company to help us get the right surveys created and delivered quickly, and professionally ­ with quality results. Optimal Connections did just that."  Pete Robie
VP of CustomerCare Centers
Vision Solutions, Inc.


IT Service Management, Help Desk and Support Center Services

In today's global, fast paced economy the winners are those that pay attention not only to financial performance, but to their employees and especially their customers.  Leading companies realize that their internal help desks are the "life blood" of their organizations and the "face" or IT to customers. They also realize that quality services delivered by their externally facing support center are vital to maintaining high customer satisfaction, loyalty, and continuing sales.

As Certified Instructors and Auditors for the Help Desk Institute (HDI), we specialize in providing quality skills and ITIL certification training, consulting, assessment and HDI certification services that will help you boost the performance of your team and your support center!

ITIL Certification Training

Heard about ITIL but not sure what value it can bring to your organization?  Need to build ITIL awareness within your management team, or with your executives? Or perhaps you have started implementing some ITIL best-practice processes, and need ITIL Foundations training for your core set of practitioners.  Or, perhaps your organization is ready to move ahead with ITIL Intermediate level training, to gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in how to implement the ITIL Best-practice framework!

Whatever your needs, our instructors can deliver the quality training you need.  We are both ITSM Service Manager and ITIL V3 Experts, with years of hands-on service and support experience.  We have taught numerous ITIL V2 classes, and are now delivering ITL Awareness Training, ITIL Executive Awareness. ITIL Foundation, and ITIL Intermediate Level training. See our Course Schedule for upcoming ITIL training classes!

HDI Certification Training

Support professionals today realize that delivering excellence in service and support requires a lot more than just technical knowledge and skill.  Once can even resolve a technical issue and still leave a customer unsatisfied!  The solution?  Learn to manage the customer situation first through effective customer service 'soft skills'; then solve the technical issue together. 

HDI, the world's largest membership organization of service and support professionals, sets the standards when it comes to customer service skills.  And Optimal Connections offers HDI certified training at four levels: 

bullet Customer Service Representative (CSR)
bullet Support Center Analyst (SCA)
bullet Support Center Team Lead (SCTL)
bullet Support Center Manager (SCM)

Put your support center out in front.  Get certified.  Get results.  See our HDI Course Schedule for upcoming classes!

DevOps Fundamentals Certification Training

DevOps is the future of IT today! This 3-day course provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and, of course, automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. To maximize the IT value flow to customers, DevOps creates an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster for the benefit of the business. Higher customer satisfaction, better quality, faster delivery and lower costs are all benefits of DevOps. Topic covered during the class include:

bulletDefine and discuss the key concepts, principles and benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery
bulletThe concepts of test automation, infrastructure automation, and build and deployment automation
bulletDescribe how DevOps relates to Lean and Agile methodologies
bulletSummarize case studies of IT organizations that are making the transformation to DevOps
bulletList the most common and popular DevOps tools
bulletDiscuss the critical success factors for DevOps implementation

Targeted Half-day IT Skills-Building Workshops

Pressed for time but still need to train your support staff?  Looking for skills-building courses focused on specific, targeted areas you need specific help with?  We have just what you are looking for!  Targeted 1/2 day training workshops designed to meet your needs in specific areas - from effective communications, to building effective teams, and more.  The  new 1/2 day workshops now available include:

bulletEffective Communications
bulletBuilding Effective Teams
bulletEffective Conflict Resolution
bulletKeys to Effective Stress Management

Courses can be delivered on-site, or at our training location.  Learn More >>

Online, Self-Paced IT Best-Practice Training

Optimal Connections is proud to offer online, self-paced IT best-practice training courses through our online web portal - the IT Learning Connection.  Learn at your own pace, right from your desk, any time of day or night!  Content is provided by ITpreneurs, our partner, and is among the best in the industry!  Plus, we are there to support you every step of the way, to make sure your online learning experience is the best it can be!  Courses currently offered round-the-clock include:

bulletITIL Awareness training
bulletITIL Foundation Certification training!
bulletCloud Awareness training
bulletVirtualization Awareness training
bulletVirtualization and Cloud Certification training!
bulletCOBIT training
bulletISO 20000 training

For more information, or to enroll and get started today, go to www.itlearningconnection.com.

Support Center Assessment

Are there opportunities to improve your help desk or support center? Are key enabling factors such as leadership, policy & strategy, people management, process and resources on track – enabling you to maximize productivity and minimize cost?  Are you in position to go for HDI's Support Center Certification standards?

Our Support Center Assessment is a cost-effective way to identify opportunities for improvement, pinpoint areas of strength, and get a roadmap to higher levels of support center maturity.

HDI Support Center Certification

Interested in moving your support center to new levels of industry best practices? Thought about how streamlining operations could reduce costs, improve responsiveness and increase customer satisfaction? Then consider Optimal Connections, a Certified Auditor for the Help Desk Institute’s Support Center Certification program.

HDI Support Center Certification provides a professional review and assessment of your internal/external support operation, in accordance with customer criteria and world class HDI standards. In examining support policies and procedures, systems, tools and personnel, we uncover opportunities for improvement that lead to reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Help Desk and Support Center Consulting

Are there opportunities to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and service quality of your help desk or support center, while reducing costs and increasing revenue?   Our support center consulting services will help you increase productivity, drive revenue and reduce costs through improved technology, tools and processes in your support center.

Whether you are deploying a new help desk or support center, assessing opportunities for improvement in your existing center, or working to communicate the value of your support operation to management and to customers, Optimal Connections has the experience and expertise to deliver!

Want to learn more about our services?  Just call +1 949-305-3544, or email us at service@optimalconnections.com.