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Listen to What Our Students Say!

"Paul was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  He provided real world solutions to real world problems by engaging each member of our class in discussions!"  Mega Perkins-Roush, SCA Class, San Diego - May 2007.

"I am excited to return to work and put these practices into place!  Heather Whitefield, SCM Class, Anaheim - March 2007

"I plan to recommend this course to all of our Analysts here at Fremont."  William Torres, SCA Class, Fremont Investment & Loan, March 2007

"This class should be standard for all help desk personnel."  Derek Geffers, Schreiber Foods.  SCA class, Oct 2006

"I would take a class from Paul again!.  I hope to able to send other members of my team into this class in the near future."  Jake Murray, State of Oregon DHS.  HDA Boot Camp, May 2006.

"This course exceeded my expectations!  I wish that I took this course a decade ago."  Gloria Chen, County of Orange, California.  Help Desk Manager, April 2006

"Thank you very much.  Many of the policies/procedures/KM practices are not implemented in my organization. I'm hoping to present to management for change and implementation.  Paul - you did a great job!"  Adriane Vasquez, City of Yuma. HDA Boot Camp, August 2005

"Paul is knowledgeable, with lots of real-world examples."  Michael Runyan, Auto Club.  Help Desk Manager class, August 2005

"Great course and instructor.  Very valuable in preparing me for certification."  Steve Parr, HDA Boot Camp, May 2005

"The class was a great investment.  Happy to take the next one."  Martin Garcia, HDA Boot Camp, April 2005

"Paul is a great instructor!"  Dee Bowen, HDA Boot Camp, April 2005

"I thought all topics were covered well.  The time spent on each was perfect.  I would definitely recommend the class to others."  Karen Flores, Help Desk Analyst class, Nov 2004


HDI Certification Training

Help Desk and support center professionals today realize that achieving excellence in service and support requires more than just technical training.  We all know that you can solve a technical issue, and still leave a customer unsatisfied. 
The answer:  training in technical skills AND effective customer service "soft skills" - communication, problem solving, analytical skills, and process management.  Both are regarded as  essential for all successful support professionals.  So who sets the standards?  Who do you turn to for the best training and certification in customer service "soft skills"?  Glad you asked! The answer:  HDI!

HDI Customer Service Skills Certification

HDI, the world's largest membership organization for service and support professionals, sets the standards when it comes to soft skills certification. HDI's training curriculum is based on an internationally recognized set of open standards developed by leaders in the support industry.  And HDI's certification training courses have been especially prepared to teach the learning objectives for these standards, as well as prepare students for passing HDI and ITIL certification exams.

What About Return on Investment?

Training your support staff in industry best-practices is one of the best investments you can make!  When your support staff is trained and equipped to deliver, you are much more likely to end up with satisfied customers, faster incident resolution, and lower costs!

The benefits are clear, both to support professionals and the organizations they work for: training in real-world skills and best-practices that you can put right to work - to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Help Desk and Support Center Certification Training Course Offerings

Optimal Connections, LLC employs Certified Instructors (CI) of the Help Desk Institute, and is proud to offer the following certification training courses:

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Certification

This one-day skills training and certification course introduces the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional customer service and support. It applies to both support center and call center environments.

Students will learn call handling best practices; communication and listening techniques; documentation, problem solving and troubleshooting skills; conflict negotiation; and responses to difficult customer behaviors.
You will learn:

bulletHow to assess customer business needs and exceed customer expectations
bulletCritical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently
bulletActive listening skills and effective communication strategies
bulletHow to identify and defuse challenging customer behavior
bulletAn awareness of the core processes and best practices used in service and support

>> Download the Customer Service Representative Flyer
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Support Center Analyst (SCA) Certification

Support Center Analysts are part of your vital frontline and they represent your entire organization. HDI’s the Support Center Analysts course (SCA) provides analysts of all levels with strategies for effective customer care and problem resolution, as well as fundamental support processes and tools.  You will learn how to:

bulletAssess customer business needs and exceed customer expectations
bulletImprove critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently
bulletSatisfy customers by using active listening skills and effective communication strategies

>> Download the Support Center Analyst Flyer
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Support Center Team Lead (SCTL) Certification

HDI’s Support Center Team Lead (SCTL) course builds the fundamental management and leadership skills needed to be an effective leader. SCTL prepares current and future team leaders for excellence as they take on increased responsibilities. You will learn how to:

bulletKnow the best practices for support center operations
bulletUse the skills needed to effectively coach and lead a team
bulletUnderstand the importance of support center metrics and key performance indicators

>> Download the Support Center Team Lead Flyer
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Support Center Manager (SCM) Certification

Strategically aligning the support center to the organization, running the support operation as a profitable business, and providing leadership to a team is challenging for even the most experienced Support Center Managers.  To help Support Center Managers meet their increasing demands, HDI’s Support Center Manager (SCM) course focuses on the best practice standards and skills necessary to successfully manage the strategic and tactical components of a support organization.   You will learn how to:

bulletBuild a support center strategy aligned with organizational needs
bulletCreate and maintain formal procedures for increasing productivity, driving consistent service delivery, and increasing customer satisfaction
bulletCalculate costs, reiterate value, and demonstrate a greater return on investment (ROI)

>> Download the Support Center Manager Flyer
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Technical Support Professional (TSP) Certification

This certification verifies that technical support professionals who serve as an escalation point by providing level 2 or level 3 support possess the latest skills and knowledge based on customer service and service management best practices. For all members of the support chain, this certification ensures professionals are equipped to provide superior technical support.

The technical support professional is a role that individuals assume when they assist with providing support services. This role services as an escalation point for support centers by providing level 2 or level 3 support. They may work directly with customers or with other departments to resolve issues related to the organizations products and/or the IT infrastructure that enables the business.

The HDI Technical Support Professional training focuses on:

bulletCustomer service and service management best practices, emphasizing responsive incident escalation
bulletThe importance of metrics measurement,
bulletKnowledge management and problem management
bulletImproving teamwork, and stress management

>> Click here to get the full course description
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Why Choose Us For Help Desk and Customer Service Skills Training?

Experience - Paul M. Dooley, Optimal’s certified HDI Instructor and Auditor, has over 30 years of experience in the service and support industry – in positions ranging from L1, 2 and 3rd level support, to team lead, support center manager, business development manager and director. You can be confident you are dealing with someone who has a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to instructing on support center best practices.

Qualifications - Besides a Master in Business (M.B.A.) degree, Paul holds Support Center Analyst, Support Center Team Lead, Help Manager Manager, Instructor and SCC Auditor certifications from HDI.  Paul is also ITIL Foundations Certified and and an ITIL V3 Expert.  He is also a member of the HDI Orange County Chapter, and a board member of itSMF Los Angeles LIG.  A member of the HDI Support Center Certification Standards Committee, Paul is also a key contributor to HDI for the formulation of the CSS, SCA, Team Lead and SCM Standards and Course Material.

Quality Results -  As an instructor I am committed to delivering quality results, which is why I don't offer a high volume of training courses. When you attend one of my training courses, you can be assured of getting the best in real-world service & support knowledge and skills.  And you'll be totally prepared to pass the HDI or ITIL certification you're aiming for!

Optimal Connections, LLC - Your Source for
HDI Certification Training

For more information on HDI and ITIL Certification Training please call 1 (949) 305-3544, or email us.

Optimal Connections, LLC - Your Source for HDI Certification Training,
HDI Customer Service Representative (CSR), HDI Support Center Analyst (SCA)
HDI Support Center Team Lead (SCTL), and
HDI Support Center Manager (SCM)



Training Locations Near You!

We deliver HDI and ITIL classes across the US and internationally.

Local Southern California Classes

Our local training courses are usually held at Palm Court, 15615 Alton Parkway, Suite 450, Irvine, California 92618. Classes are held in a large corporate executive meeting room which easily accommodates students. 

Of course, state of the art technologies are employed with all courses.

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