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QAD Support Center Manager:

"It has been a delight working with HDI and Optimal Connections. Paul Dooley, Optimal’s HDI certified Auditor, has been there every step of the way ... advising on needed improvements in the areas of communication, employee and customer satisfaction management, and metrics."  Dan Pasquerilla - Manager, Programs Office, QAD, Inc.

T-Systems Support Manager:

"Paul - thanks for your efforts.  We appreciate your hard work and will continue to strive to improve and mature our services."  Mark Smith - T-Systems Desktop Services Delivery Manager.

HDI Support Center Certification 

Become an HDI Certified Support Center!

nterested in moving your support center to new levels of industry best practices? Thought about how streamlining operations could reduce costs, improve responsiveness and increase customer satisfaction? Then consider HDI's Support Center Certification program.

HDI Support Center Certification provides a professional review and assessment of your internal/external support operation, in accordance with customer criteria and world class HDI standards. In examining support policies and procedures, systems, tools and personnel, we uncover opportunities for improvement that lead to reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Paul M. Dooley, Optimal Connections, LLC has been certified as an Auditor of Help Desk and Customer Support Operations by HDI, the world's largest membership association for the service and support industry. In this capacity, Optimal Connections is please to provide audit and certification services for HDI's Support Center Certification program.

Here is what some of our recent clients had to say:

Recent HDI Certifications

Optimal Connections principal consultant, Paul M. Dooley, has acted as the HDI Auditor in conducting the support center audit for the following organizations:


Certified 2003, 2005, 2007, and most recently in 2009.  The Intergraph Solutions Center focuses on providing services that enable clients to make the right decisions at the right time using the right information. Organizations need total IT support, whether it’s to support custom systems, consolidate support from multiple vendors, or augment their own staff. Intergraph Solution Center provides total hardware, networking, operating system, and applications support. At Intergraph, they recognize that each customer’s needs are different, and they satisfy those needs through a customer-centric approach.

Saudi Aramco

Certified 2007; Re-certified in 2009.  Saudi Aramco has just completed it's 4th HDI audit of its central support operations, located in Darhan Saudi Arabia.  Paul M. Dooley, HDI Auditor, completed the 3 day on site audit in October of 2009, with HDI SCC certification results to be announced later this month.  Saudi Aramco's operations span the globe and the energy industry.  As a company, it oversees the largest conventional reserves of crude oil, is the world’s largest producer and exporter of crude oil and leads the world in exporting natural gas liquids.

T-Systems North America

Certified 2003; Recertified Sept 2007.  T Systems North America, a regional division of T-Systems, is a worldwide operating ICT provider.  T-Systems NA is wholly owned by Deutsche Telekom AG and operates throughout the Americas with headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI.  T-Systems completed HDI SCC recertification in Sept 2007, with Paul M. Dooley as HDI Auditor.  As Deutsche Telekom's business customer brand, T-Systems is the perfect expression of one of Europe’s leading ICT providers – its employees, its services and its aim to serve as "enabler" for its customers.

SABIC - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Certified May 2007.  SABIC is the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. SABIC supplies these materials to other companies, who use them to make the products on which the world has come to depend. SABIC selected Paul M. Dooley as their HDI SCC Auditor early in 2007, as they began finalizing work on preparations for the SCC audit.  Paul conducted the on-site SCC Audit in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, with HDI certification being awarded May 11, 2007.  Congratulations to the SABIC support team!

National Help Desk, Customs & Border Protection

Certified 2006. The National Help Desk (TSC) is the single point of contact for reporting systems problems for the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Department of Homeland Security, world-wide.  As well as deploying and maintaining PC, wireless, and non-intrusive technology, the NHD provides 7 x 24 hour support to all Customs and Border Protection Agents, through service desk, desk-side, field support, and training services. 

QAD Global Support Center

Certified in 2004, re-certified in 2006.  QAD delivers enterprise software solutions around the world, providing support to customers in over 80 countries.  Since customers rely on the software to run their business, it’s vital that QAD provide consistent, high quality support to their customers – wherever and whenever needed.  To meet this challenge, QAD engaged the HDI Support Center Certification program in 2004 to assess and certify eight major support center around the world.  All centers were re-audited and certified in 2006.  Paul Dooley, our Principal Consultant, acted as Auditor in both instances.

Marine Corps  MCTSSA Support Center

Certified 2004.  Re-certified 2006 and 2008.  The MCTSSA C4I Support Center completed HDI Support Center Certification this December.  A subordinate command of the Marine Corps System Command, Quantico, VA, the center provides technical support to Marine Corps Program Managers in acquiring, developing, testing, fielding, and maintaining C4ISR systems, in addition to delivering technical support to Marine Corps Operating Forces.

Support Center Certification Benefits

bullet Heightened credibility.  Your customers will know you are serious about customer support, and they will appreciate the difference certification makes!
bullet Greater customer satisfaction.  Due to increased service call quality and improved productivity, you'll resolve issues more quickly - and clients will be more satisfied as a result.
bullet Improved employee and team morale.  Because they'll be working smarter and more productively, your team will experience greater levels of job satisfaction.
bullet Increased profitability.  Higher customer satisfaction naturally leads to additional add-on sales, increased maintenance renewals, and greater customer retention.
bullet Competitive differentiation.  Achieving HDI Support Center Certification demonstrates to customers and prospects your commitment to providing excellent on-going support, setting you above and apart from competition.

Key Features

bullet Analysis of HDI or Optimal Connections' Online Assessment results, enabling you to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in your operations.
bullet Pre-certification package, providing comprehensive guidance on how best to prepare for the HDI Support Center Certification audit.
bullet Consulting support during preparation, consisting of one conference call/site visit per week to guide your support center in implementing recommended improvements.
bullet In-depth on-site site audit, consisting of 3-4 days of interviews, documentation review, and observations
bullet Review and assessment of performance with respect to HDI's Support Center Certification model
bullet Formal written report and presentation, along with submission to the Help Desk Institute for Support Center Certification!

Downloads for More Information!

bullet PowerPoint Presentation covering the key features and benefits of the HDI Support Center Certification program
bullet Support Center Certification Brochure tells you more about how this program can help transform your support center into a world class operation!

Why Choose Optimal Connections as Your HDI Auditor?

bullet Experience - Paul M. Dooley, Optimal’s certified HDI Auditor, has over 30 years of experience in the service and support industry – so you can be confident you are dealing with someone who has a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to assessing and advising on call center operations.
bullet Qualifications - Besides Bachelors and Master in Business Administration degrees, Paul holds Help Desk Manager and SCC Auditor certifications from HDI.
bullet Quality Results -  Paul has conducted the largest HDI Support Center Certification audit to date for HDI: a global SCC project encompassing seven support centers around the globe.

Standard HDI Pricing

Base pricing is set in cooperation with HDI. This assumes audit and certification of one support center only (multiple locations available on a quote basis).

Optimal Connections recommends our Support Center Assessment as a first step in the certification process. Additional consulting services are available but not included in the base price.

More questions?  Email us at service@optimalconnections.com, or call +1-949-305-3544.


Become an HDI Certified Support Center! 


* Heightened credibility
* Greater customer satisfaction
* Improved team morale
* Increased profitability
* Competitive differentiation




Join the dozens of world-class support centers that have met the mark and distinguished themselves!